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Old Car Removal Rockhampton

We Pay Cash for Old Cars in Rockhampton

What is an old vehicle problem? It’s when you have non-working or damaged un-used vehicles parked in your property that are just gathering dust and rust. The garbage collectors won’t take the scrap, you can’t drive it away to sell at an auto salvage junkyard or dump somewhere else, and the tow fee will cost you a lot.

So if you are looking for the best cash out ideas, our Old Car Removal Rockhampton company is here to help! We buy unwanted cars in Rockhampton, QLD. See our cash for cars program and bonuses, sell your car and get cash price now. Win-win!

Old Car Removal Rockhampton

If you want to sell your junk car for cash, simply give us a phone call or text and describe the auto details like car title, insurance card, body damage, etc. Any condition and anywhere in Rockhampton. We pay Top Dollar for old cars.

We buy scrap cars in any condition

  • Flooded

  • Blown Engine

  • Damaged

  • Scrap

  • Non-Running

  • Old

  • Wrecked

  • Salvage

  • Totaled

  • Used

  • Burned

How Does the Process Work?

Simple. Just call 07 4080 1544 and tell the sales person you would like a quote on selling your vehicle. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Year, make, and model of vehicle (Example: 2012 Honda Civic)
  • Miles on the vehicle (if known)
  • Where it is damaged (if wrecked)
  • What’s wrong with it (Example: Bad engine or bad transmission).
  • Where the vehicle is located
  • Whether or not you have a title

After answering these questions, you will be made an offer for the vehicle if it meets our criteria.

It’s that simple. We agree on a price, then we come and pick it up (if within pickup Rockhampton area). When the driver arrives, you present the title & keys and we give you a check for your vehicle. We also provide all of the necessary legal forms and paperwork to salvage your vehicle.

Finally, you must notify roads authority that you no longer own the vehicle (to avoid future taxes).

What is my vehicle worth?

With our new category pricing, we’ve taken all of the guesswork out of valuing the vehicle. Obviously, we pay more for late model cars with a high parts value, but we now have set minimum prices for any complete vehicle based on it’s size.

For example, at current price, a complete full-size car, such as a Mazda 3, is worth $500.00. Your vehicle could be worth as little as $200.00 to many THOUSANDS of dollars!

Call ROCKY for a free quote!

What about other vehicles, such as ATVs, HD trucks, motor homes, travel trailers, and old farm tractors?

Yes. Rocky will offer to purchase or remove any non-automobile or light truck, if space on the yard allows.

Travel Trailers & Campers — We will remove travel trailers (including tag-alongs, pop-ups, and campers) in Rockhampton region at no charge. We cannot offer any payment for trailers or non-motorized campers because they contain high amounts of fiberglass, wood, insulation, and textiles that are costly to dispose of. 

Motor Homes and Vans — Motor homes are built on truck and van chassis and are usually confined within the original vehicle’s cargo space. Conversion vans also fall in this category. We will offer to purchase motor homes on a case by case basis. Call for details.

Motor Homes Trucks — Motor homes trucks are usually built on heavy-duty cab & cassis trucks or vans and still have the original cab. Although these motor homes have more hazardous and hard to dispose of material, we still purchase them on a case by case basis. Call for details.

Farm Tractors — We will offer to purchase scrap or salvage farm tractors based solely on their scrap weight, minus the towing charge. Call for details.

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